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Begin your estate plan with a family’s future planning session.

Estate Planning

Guardianships help to ensure your wishes for the care of your children.


Chris Pryor takes care of you in court and eases the burden of probate.


In the midst of the grief after a loved one has passed away, the process of resolving their affairs can be very difficult and emotionally challenging. This grief can be compounded by a lengthy court process,  unexpected costs or responsibilities and potential family conflict. This is especially true if no advance planning was in place. We help you make sense of the probate process, take care of you in court and ease the burden of this process on your family.

Everyone has something to pass on to the next generation, whether big or small. Your estate includes your material possessions and all the intangible values  you want to pass on as your legacy.


Without planning, a judge who doesn't know you will make the decisions about how all your assets will be left to your family.  We help you understand the law so you can design the best possible plan for your family. After all, no one is in a better position than you to know exactly how to care for them when you're no longer able to do it yourself.

For parents of minor children, guardianship is often their most pressing concern.  We help you select the best guardians to care for your children both short-term and long-term so that your kids will never be placed in foster care even temporarily or raised by people who you wouldn't choose.  


You know your values and dreams for your kids.  You know who shares your vision for your kids and who would care for them best if you passed away or were incapacitated.  We give you the legal help you need to love and protect your kids in the very best way you can.

What We Do

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