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How We're Different

It’s tough to talk about the differences in the way this firm is built without discussing the traditional model of estate planning. Many traditional estate planning lawyers take a “one size fits all” approach to their clients. These lawyers focus on selling a generic set of documents to as many clients as possible.  You walk out of the office feeling like a responsible adult, comfortable that you can check estate planning off your checklist forever.  After you walk out of the office, you never see the lawyer again.  Your relationship with the lawyer doesn't include any ongoing advice or instruction about how to ensure that your documents actually work or how they may need to change as your life moves forward.

Fast forward several decades.  Your loved ones are trying to put your estate plan in action.  But because that plan has been gathering dust on a shelf somewhere, they are surprised to learn that it is outdated and ineffective. Your loved ones will turn to that same traditional estate planning lawyer who will be happy to probate your assets. During their time of grief, your family will endure a months-long court process. The government will charge them for the court’s time and efforts. Your estate will pay both the attorney and the government out of the hard-earned money you hoped to leave to your family. Sadly, this model of estate planning doesn’t account for the amount of growth and change that most individuals and families experience in their lives.

Your experience with The Law Offices of Chris Pryor will be very different. We believe in creating life-long relationships with our clients. We design a plan specifically for you and continue working with you to make sure that plan will always work for you. That's why our services don't end with the creation of your estate plan documents. To us, it's only the beginning. With each plan, we include a no-charge review every three years to ensure that as your family, career and life change, your estate plan will keep pace. The value of this type of planning can't be measured with a clock, so we've gotten rid of ours. Instead, we engage all of our clients on a flat fee basis, quoted up front. In fact, you get to choose the fee that you want to pay by picking the specific services you need.  

In addition, we work with you to make sure your family understands exactly what you'd like them to know about your plan to help them avoid conflict and be prepared should they ever need to take on the responsibilities you choose for them in your plan.  Perhaps most important, we also work with you to help you pass on not only your physical assets, but your intangible assets as well--your values, wisdom, stories and life experience.

See our "Getting Started" page to find out how to begin.

Chris Pryor, Estate Planning Attorney specializing in asset protection through Wills & Trusts, Guardianship, and Probate Law services.

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