Getting Started

Step 1:

Scheduling your Family's Future Planning Session

To get started, click here to schedule your Family's Future Planning Session (if you don't have a current plan) or Existing Estate Plan Review (if you have a plan that may need updating). 


These are 2 hour working meetings where we'll discuss everything that would happen under your current planning (or what will happen under the government's plan if you currently don't have your own plan). 


If you'd prefer to schedule by phone or have any questions before scheduling, please feel free to call our office at 469-607-9705 or click here to book a specific time for a free 15-minute phone consultation.  

Step 2:

Complete a Family Wealth Inventory

Once you schedule this meeting, you'll receive a Family Wealth Inventory. This tool will help you get more financially organized than you've ever been. It will also provide us with the financial and family information we'll need to accurately design a plan together that specifically fits the needs of your family. This part of the process takes some work on your part, but don't worry, after you complete this most of your heavy lifting will be done!

Step 3:

Meet with your Attorney to Design and Implement your New Plan

Helping you love and protect

your family through

Estate Planning

During your Family's Future Planning Session, we'll both evaluate whether there is a good fit between you and our firm. If we decide to move forward, you'll choose the fee based on what services you want. We'll design your new plan together during this session.

Within four weeks, your plan will be ready to sign. We'll schedule a Signing Meeting that will take about an hour. After signing, your plan will be in effect in case anything were to happen.

Four weeks after this, we'll have a Final Meeting to provide the final draft of your plan, ensure your assets are owned and titled in the right way, answer any final questions and create a way for you to pass on your wisdom, ideas, experiences and dreams to your family. We'll budget an hour for this meeting.